Venezuelan-American Citizens

It is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping the Latin American community who are legal residents to change their status to US citizens at no cost.

About Us

 Bassel Halabi   March 15, 2019

Independent Venezuelan American Citizens is a non-for profit organization founded in Miami on 09/13/2004

Independent Venezuelan-American Citizens is a non-profit organization based in EE.UU since 2004, created with the purpose of helping people within the Hispanic community in United States to actively participate in the American political process.  In addition, the organization tries to protect and promote democratic values throughout Latin America.

IVAC’s objectives are:

  • To ally Venezuelan-American voters to those who only serve the interest of a true democratic government;
  • To support true democratic forms of government in Venezuela, the Americas, and the Caribbean, by looking at leaders who adhere to IVAC’s objectives;
  • To help maintain and sustain all forms of freedom of expression;
  • To educate our youth – either naturalized Americans or born in this country – as to the responsibilities of maintaining a true democracy in our continent and influence the political tides by means of active participation and election processes when choosing leaders and policies advantageous to them, our country, and neighboring ones, specifically Venezuela.
  • To assist groups of Venezuelan-American citizens residing in other American cities to create similar organizations with the same objectives outlined as IVAC’s.

As the Venezuelan community residing in the United States continues to increase, 5000 citizens in South Florida and an estimated 25,000 nationwide, more, every year, opt to become American citizens. Their newly acquired status allows them to actively participate at all levels of politics therefore achieving an influential space amongst the Hispanic voting community.

IVAC encourages Venezuelan-Americans throughout the United States to follow our lead. IVAC is a first of its kind as other Venezuelan organizations active in USA focus on the political inside Venezuela and/or are socio-cultural in nature.

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